Community Jam Sessions in Arlington

IMG_0505I really do enjoy our Community Jams.  The idea was to gather musicians in a relaxed environment, and just jam for an hour or two. I have been teaching Guitar classes at Arlington Adult Education Center over five years. We brought many of my friends and other talented musicians on board to teach classes, and help us to continue our Music programs.

As I greatly appreciate all the support I got from my wife, good friends, instructors and Arlington Adult Education crew, we manage to take our classes to a next level.


There has been a repeating pattern with Adult Education classes. Students register a class, learn to play Guitar in eight weeks, go home and never do anything with it. Students later on register to an another class, spend another eight weeks, and slowly move away from playing an instrument.

Problem was never the student, but the lack of motivation, and encouragement. Paul (who is he?) and I started talking about random ideas on continuation of playing music. What if we bring all the students together, announce it to our community, and jam on a random key for few hours.

This all sounded great. I contacted Raul Matos, Program Coordinator at Arlington Adult Education Center + my boss, and asked if we could use our classroom for a Community Jams. As soon as we got the OK from the boss, we started spreading the word. I have started sending newsletters to my students, placed craigslist ads for the community, told our friends to tell their friends.

IMG_0506We have a P.A.System, Keyboard, Piano, drum-set, and a Djembe thanks to our community, Arlington Adult Education Center, music Instructors, friends and family. We hosted about 20 musicians last night, and jammed over two hours.

Our community is growing on a steady pace. Why not join? If you just want to get together with other musicians, play few notes, and have a good time. Our community jams are great for networking, sharing your musical ideas, and learning. Also, if you don’t have a time to commit to a band, this is a great opportunity to get your axe out!

Don’t forget to sign up to our Newsletters and Facebook for the upcoming events. Our next event is on: Tuesday, 03/26/2013 — From: 7:00pm-8:30pm. Tell your friends, bring them on board, we need a key player!

Photos from last night:

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    Nice! Last night was good!

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